Specialized AMF Panels

Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) panel provides the ability to transfer power to loads from Mains to Emergency / Stand-By Generator in the event of Mains power failure. Human intervention is required to transfer power from Mains to Generator manually without the AMF panel.

AMF panel monitors the incoming AC mains supply, starts the Stand-By Generator in the event of Mains failure (blackout / brownout) and transfers the building’s load from the Mains to the Generating set. When the mains supply returns, the AMF panel control re-transfers the building’s load from Generating set to Mains and shuts down the generating set after an adjustable amount of cool-down period.


  • Automatic Transfer Control with Test feature
  • Auto Start delay of generating set (0-10 sec)
  • Generating set stop delay (0-10min)
  • Source transfer delay (0-10sec)
  • Source availability and Source connected Indication
  • Summary alarm and shut-down indication. Reset function.
  • Instrumentation with selector switch KWH and DMM (Optional)
  • Manual Start & Stop of Generating set and Transfer Control
  • Cycle Cranking feature (Optional)
  • Emergency Stop activation mushroom Push Button
  • Overload Protection – Fuses or MCCB / ACB
  • Hooter-alarm annunciation with silence Push Button
  • LLOP (Low Lube Oil Pressure) and HWT (High Water Temperature)


  • Event recording and TCP communications (available with high-end models)

Product Options:

  • Hard-Wired controls utilizing relays, timers, battery back up
  • Microprocessor based controls with front display panel / keypad, Event Recording
  • PLC based with HMI, event recording, exercise feature, TCP communication
  • Switching devices – Power Contactors / Motorized MCCB / ACB based on rating
  • Integrated AMF controls with switching components or switchgear with separate controls
  • Low Voltage – 3PH, 220V / 440V, 40 – 4000A, 50Hz
  • Indoor (IP20) or Outdoor (IP24) Construction

14 / 16-gauge sheet metal with hinged door, Gray or Opal white  finish