Risk & Adequacy survey for Lightning & Surge Protection

Risk & Adequacy Survey for Lightning Protection & Surge Protection

Risk analysis for Lightning Protection System:

We undertake the complete work related to risk analysis as per IEC 62305-2 against lightning  threats for any industrial site / commercial infrastructure. Detailed professional risk analysis report is provided after detail site survey as per IEC guidelines.

  • Risks for buildings(infrastructure)
  • Human risk
  • Equipment’s risk
  • Other Risk factors
Adequacy study of existing Lightning Protection System (if any):
  • Visual Inspection
  • Study of 2D drawings according to IEC 62305
Inputs needed from the customer :
  • 2D drawings of all buildings showing elevation & roof plan
  • Geographical Location

Surge Protection System

Risk analysis & Adequacy of Surge Protection System
  • Surge study for AC power, main panel & sub distribution panel
  • Equipment power distribution
  • Study of adequacy of existing SPDs (if any)
  • Visual inspection for circuit breaker rating, short circuit rating
  • Study of SLD drawings according to IEC 61643
Inputs needed from the customer
  • Single Line diagram & Distribution Panels layout in 2D PDF/AUTOCAD

Earthing System

Adequacy study of Earthing system
  1.  Adequacy for the Lighting Protection system
  2. Adequacy for the Distribution Panels & incomer panels
  3. Adequacy for the equipment’s
  4. Adequacy as per the requirements of IEC standard for electrical systems earthing
  5. Earthing resistance check