Maintenance free Earthing Material

Earthing System: Survey, Design, Supply & Installation of Earthing system

The process of transferring the immediate discharge of the electrical energy directly to the
Earth with the help of the low resistance wire is known as the electrical earthing.
The earthing provides the simple path to the leakage current. The short-circuit current of the
Equipment passes to the earth which has zero potential. Thus, protects the system and equipment from damage.

Types of Electrical Earthing

The electrical equipment mainly consists of two non-current carrying parts. These parts are neutral of the system
Or a frame of the electrical equipment. From the earthing of these two non-current carrying parts of the electrical.
System earthing can be classified into two types.

Neutral Earthing (Conventional Earthing)

The Conventional system of Earthing calls for the digging of a large pit into which a GI pipe or a copper plate is
Positioned in the middle layers of charcoal and salt. Designed per the industry laid norms, the offered conventional
Earthing systems.

Chemical Earthing (Maintenance Free Earthing)

Maintenance Free Chemical Earthing. A well-designed Earthing system is essential for any electrical installation to
Avoid dangers associated with fault currents. Good Earthing protects both equipment and people against
Dangerous step & touch voltage.

Methods of Earthing

Plate Earthing: A copper plate or galvanized plate is buried in an earth pit below ground level.
The plate electrode connects the electrical conductors to the earth.

Pipe Earthing: A galvanized steel perforated pipe inside the ground connects the electrical conductors to the earth.

Rod Earthing: Similar to the Pipe earthing. A copper rod replaces the pipe electrode.

Chemical Earthing: A chemical compound material replaces the charcoal and salt layers.


   IS 3043 / 5039

   BS EN 50522

   BS 7430

   IEEE Std 80

   ENA TS 41-24

   BS 7354


We undertake Design, Supply & Installation of Earthing System as per the standards for the following application:

  • Electrical Equipment & Substation Mat Earthing
  • Building Earthing
  • Lightning Protection
  • Telephone Tower Earthing
  •  Solar Panel Earthing
  •  Generator, Lift / Elevators etc.
  • Hospital Earthing
  • Special Earthing like CCTV Earthing, Security Fence etc.