Automatic Transfer switches ( ATS)

“MAT” Series Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) provides the ability to transfer power to loads from Mains to Mains / Mains to Generator / Generator to Generator. ATS is a mechanically held device with high endurance that provides higher level of reliability in source switching. ATS monitors the incoming AC Mains power supply, starts the Stand-By Generator in the event of Mains power failure (blackout / brownout) and transfers the building load from the Mains to The Generator. When the Mains power supply returns, the ATS re-transfers building load from Generator to Mains power and shuts down the Generator after a set amount of cool-down period. Equipped with Microprocessor based controller that senses the source directly without the need for external auxiliary power. Sensing, Delay, Stabilization and Pre-Signal timers are adjustable through front display.


  • Power Contactor type Automatic Transfer Switch
  • Mechanically held double through feature, solenoid operated
  • Microprocessor based control with display / keypad
  • Self-Powered controls, No need for external auxiliary Power
  • Utilization Category: AC-32B
  • Indication of source available status
  • Indication of source contact position status
  • Indication of power under voltage, over voltage, phase loss status
  • Automatic light indication
  • Adjustable Auto Transfer Time Delay within (0-60 sec)
  • Auto Start Delay of Generating set (0-60 sec)
  • Source Transfer Delay (0-60 sec)
  • Mains Power supply return stabilization Time (0-30 min)
  • Generating set stop delay (0-30 min)
  • Manual operation with handle – at No-Load
  • Test feature – Manually initiated Transfer With Load from Key-Pad
  • Failure Alarm contact for remote monitoring
  • Source Availability & Connected status cont acts for remote Monitoring


Product Range & Options:

  • MAT Series ATS has 3 different frame design covering 16A to 400A
  • Frame 1: 16A, 25A & 32A
  • Frame 2: 40A, 63A & 125A
  • Frame 3: 160A, 200A, 250A, 315A & 400A
  • 2P, 3P or 4P models, 240V / 440V, 50Hz / 60Hz
  • Mains – Mains, Mains – Generator, Generator – Generator transfer
  • ATS Type: Open style, with Indoor (IP20) & outdoor (IP24) enclosures
  • Open Style available for Switchgear mounting
  • Surge Protection Device (SPD) is available as Option.
  • Remote Annunciator is available as Option

Technical Parameters: